Proclaim International

  Providing professional assemblies for Latin American high schools  


•   Letters

•   April, 2016
     The big man on campus responds to the gospel.

•   March, 2016
     "Come, shepherds, see the Great Shepherd newborn"

•   February, 2016
     P.I. trains counselors, evangelists and leaders.

•   January, 2016
     Director of P.I. Peru reaches out to the USA.

•   Praises and prayer requests

•   for April, 2016
     Though blind, Johnny continues to preach in the Dominican Republic.

•   for March, 2016
     P.I. team in the Dominican Republic reaches 2,000 students in two days.

•   for February, 2016
     P.I. Peru team extends the ministry to Bolivia.

•   for January, 2016
     Traveling team in the USA encourages prospective speakers.

•   Quarterly newsletters

•   October, 2015
     Believers and secular groups both speak on social issues; what's the difference?

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